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Located in emerging industrial concentration zone of Zhuji economic development park in Zhejiang province, Zhejiang Zhonghong New Material Technology Co., Ltd.. is a large modern enterprise specializing in the research, production, trade and engineering of coatings.


Sticking to such idea of “high staring point, high technology, high efficiency”, we strive to build our company into a leading enterprise of coating industry: there are leading automatical production lines in our company now, including Fully enclosed production system, pneumatic conveying system and automatic color mixing technology. Moreover, we use the latest technologies of this industry and establish cooperative relations with Northern Coating Research Institutes. At present, our main products are thin and ultra-thin flame retardant coatings, heavy-duty coatings, Environmental architectural coatings, marine coatings, High temperature resistant coatings, antistatic coatings, decorative coatings, furniture coatings, floor coatings and so on. These products can meet the demands of a number of industries such as building, petrochemical, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical, pharmaceutical and ocean engineering, etc.
As the general agent of AURO Pflanzenchemie AG in the mainland of China, we establish comprehensive cooperation with AURO for the trade and manufacturing methods of its products. The main products include pure natural environment-friendly interior wall coatings and wood paints.
There are some of manufacturing equipments in our company now. Our water-based architectural coatings are made of imported emulsions and auxiliaries. Therefore our coating products own extraordinary performances such as good leveling capacity, strong hiding power, environment-friendly, non-toxic, high weather resistance and good anti-aging property, etc. Due to such advantages as easy to operation and beautiful outlook, our architectural coatings are the first choice of decoration of internal and external wall. Up to now, our products have been used in the major projects (Zhuluo road of Zhuji city, Facade renovation project of Renmin middle road, exterior wall of Rose Garden of Greentown, Street of Republic of China of Great Wall Movie & TV, exterior wall of Taihe Palace, Facade renovation projects of) Fengqiao town and Shaoda Expressway) of China, and customers are highly satisfied with our products.